What happened to the jewish children who were forced to leave the Erich Fried-Gymnasium after the 1938 Anschluss ?

Sommersem. 2017/18, Montag 1. Block

In our school there is a plaque with the name of almost 150 students who were forced to leave the school due to their Jewish condition, children who subsequently had to emigrate or who were deported and assassinated during the Holocaust. What sort of discrimination did they suffer in the classroom? Where did they go? How many of them survived ? Are any of them alive? What are their life-stories? With the assistance of two teachers, using both German and English as the key languages, you will be asked to find your own sources and information in order to reconstruct the stories of these compatriots (students like you!) and ultimately to understand the terrible events occured here, in Vienna, in Austria - 80 years ago. This will include reading through articles and memoirs, but also finding information for yourselves on the net, watching interviews and interviewing and talking to people that might help us to reconstruct the past.

Urbanek Wilhelm Pinas Carlos

Teilnehmer 8 / 22