The War on Ukraine

Wintersem. 2023/24, Donnerstag 1. Block

In this module we will examine the background to Russias’s war on Ukraine and its main developments. How was/is such a war possible in the XXI century? What historical, political or economic reasons have led to it? The propaganda war: How can we look for reliable sources of information and trust these sources? Who is telling the truth and how to know? The viewpoint of the victims: testimonies from people in Ukraine. Media reports and on-site coverage (as well as the opinion of experts) will be studied and following group work and debate in class we will produce a short paper (in English and German) with our conclusions. IMPORTANT NOTE: The point of departure is that this is an „illegitimate war“ but the Russian argumentation and points of view will also be examined and taken into account. All points of view defended in this module should be based on reliable sources, argumentation and knowledge.

Pinas Carlos

Anmerkung: Languages of Module: English and German

Teilnehmer 15 / 23